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How to Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry is incredibly tricky to keep organized–so many small pieces in so many shapes, sizes and materials! But it’s important to have a storage system that works for you. Otherwise a piece with financial or sentimental value can easily break or get lost, which can be a real tragedy! Here are my tips for keeping…

Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home

It’s a wonderful feeling to host friends for a night (or more) in your home, but it takes a little advance planning to ensure that they feel comfortable and well cared for. You don’t have to go crazy cooking or anything, just follow this checklist for giving great overnight hospitality: Make a beautiful bed. Use…

Rules for Creating a Perfect Guest List

A party can only be as great as the guest list.  No matter how delicious the food or free-flowing the drinks, a gathering won’t be fun and memorable if the crowd doesn’t have the right energy. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when deciding who to invite to a party: Make sure…