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3 Kitchen Organization Tips to Save Time

If you’re like me, you and your loved ones live in the kitchen. Whether you’re preparing a delicious feast or gathering around the island swapping stories, your kitchen is one of the places in your home that gets the most traffic. Set yourself up to enjoy these special times by creating a fully functioning kitchen. Here are a few kitchen organization tips that I’ve picked up along the years that help me get the most out of my kitchen.

Grocery List

  • Creating a grocery list is a no-brainer. There is much to be said about meal planning – it’s cheaper than going out and also helps you stick to a healthier diet. I’ve found that having a list will save time and keeps me from straying into the cookie aisle! I love working off a grocery list that goes by each section of the market, instead of lists based on recipe ingredient lists. My list (see above) is organized by sections: drinks, bread, canned foods, frozen foods, meats, household, deli, vegetables, fruit, and misc. I simply go through the recipes that I want to make for the week and write the ingredients under the corresponding section.

Reusable Bags

  • I hate opening my cabinets to overflowing bags stuffed away from a previous shopping trip. I’ve long stayed away from paper and plastic shopping bags and opted for reusable tote bags because they are environmentally responsible, long lasting and you never have to worry about food bursting through the bottom. Create a designated space in your kitchen for these bags by adding a hook in the pantry for hanging them or choose a handy drawer where you can fold and store them. I also love this trolley cart. It’s a great place for you reusable shopping bags and to pack your goods at the market checkout. Best of all, they are so easy to store.

Pantry Organization

  • A well-organized pantry makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it. If yours is a mess you might want to empty it entirely and start over. Discard items unfit for consumption; donate canned goods that you don’t want anymore; and then sort and organize the rest. Find containers that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Group similar items in bags and in baskets. Utilize lazy susans for oils, vinegars and extracts because glass containers can take up unnecessary space on countertops and shelves. Add in shelving additions like this if you have taller shelves, so you can maximize the space for more storage.

I hope that you will get a lot out of these time saving tips!



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