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Halloween Then And Now

Halloween has always been cherished, especially during our kids' growing-up years. As the autumn season approaches, I find myself reminiscing about Halloweens of the past.

In those bygone days, Halloween was all about crafting homemade costumes. The planning would commence well in advance, and when Tori and Randy were little, they had a penchant for dressing in matching themes. Tori, like many young girls, adored transforming into a fairy princess.

When Randy was old enough to join in the fun, he was like a fluffy bunny knocking on doors to trick or treat with an utterly regal Snow White holding his hand. A couple of years later, the '20s theme had Tori donning a flapper outfit while Randy dressed as a gangster.

It's so much fun to reflect on the costumes children wore during those enchanting years and how they’ve evolved to the present day. While classic staples like witches, vampires, and ghosts remain ever-popular, it's truly remarkable to witness kids today embracing their creativity and expressing their personalities and passions, often influenced by pop culture.

It's a special time of year that excites the young and the young at heart, and let's not forget the adults. Over the decades, Halloween has grown in popularity, with more adults joining in the costume fun. Aaron and I always enjoyed a Halloween costume party!

It's a time when creativity knows no bounds, and the possibilities for costumes are endless.

I enjoyed exploring online options and wanted to share favorites for kids, teens, adults, or groups still searching for a costume!

Combining kids' love for glow-in-the-dark items and dinosaurs, this Glow In The Dark Dino Skeleton from Pottery Barn is a clever choice.

Barbie will be a big hit this year! Here is a cute kid Western Barbie costume. Continuing with the pop culture theme, teens might love this Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off'

If you enjoy Ted Lasso, I read it will be the perfect score for Halloween, and easy to pull together DIY! All you need is a warmup suit with cool sneakers and don't forget a whistle!

For minimal fuss, you might love this Skeleton Poncho that you can simply throw over a black shirt and jeans.

You can be the most colorful group on the block as a Box of Crayons . I think it's clever and fun!

Finally, everyone can wear their emotions with this great selection of Emojis!

Halloween has undoubtedly transformed over the years, but there are always numerous costume choices to suit every generation's preference and creative spirit. It's a time for young and old to revel in the joys of dressing up and celebrating. I hope you have a very spooktacular holiday!

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