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Decorating for Halloween

We all know that celebrating Halloween this year means some traditions may need to be adjusted to keep everyone safe due to Covid-19 but there are lots of ways still to enjoy this very popular holiday!

I’ve read about plans for virtual costume parties and spooky movie nights at home but thought I’d share some fun outdoor decorating ideas I found that can be enjoyed by everyone that passes your home.

Painted Pumpkins for Halloween


It wouldn’t officially be Halloween without pumpkins or candy corn! I love this twist on traditional pumpkin carving from Better Homes & Gardens and it’s an easy. Buy several pumpkins – small or large – but pick out the ones that are more ‘cone-shaped.’ Mark them in thirds; tape off the portion that you are not spraying; and start at the top section with white spray paint, then orange, then yellow. I think these are colorful and fun!

Ghosts on the lawn

This is a great idea for a spooky touch that also can help with everyday chores for those of you that have lots of trees in your yard. After you rake up the leaves, stuff them in giant white garbage bags that you’ve marked with eyes and mouths, tie them up and turn them upside down. You’ve got a lawn full of ghosts!

Ghosts on the lawn
Halloween Tombstones

Halloween Tombstones

These are fun for kids as they can get creative and use scary quotes or artwork on the tombstones. Buy a few sheets of Styrofoam at the crafts store and get out your spray paints and markers. Cut out the ‘tombstones’ and let the kids do the rest!

Front yard Monsters

If you have bushes and hedges in your front yard, have a little fun with those by making eyes that seem to be following everyone as they approach. You can use white heavy poster board cut out circles of slightly different sizes and then use black poster board or construction paper to fill in the eyeballs!

Front yard monsters for Halloween Decoration

Don’t forget the windows

There are so many spooky decorations that you can create inside your house for the benefit of people passing by outside. Silhouettes can be simple or elaborate but you can get creative with construction paper or poster board to make your own bats, black cats or spiders. Add in a string of lights to outline the window for a dramatic effect or sheets of crepe paper to change the color of the background. Use yarn for your spider webs or an old sheet to make a ghost that appears to be floating in the air!

I hope that everyone has a very safe and happy Halloween!

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