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Good Times With Girlfriends

We all get so busy sometimes that we can go days or weeks without staying in touch with our beloved girlfriends. It can be a herculean effort just to schedule lunch! But there is nothing more fun than getting together with a group of girlfriends to catch up and have some laughs. We all need to make time for that!

I love traveling with my girlfriends. Shared experiences can be so much fun and also creates a deeper bond with each other. Plus, it gives you lots of things to reminisce about months and years later! If you don’t have time to go out of town, you can schedule a few hours at a local day spa. Have a picnic at a park or lunch at your favorite restaurant. You could also go for a mani/pedi, play mahjong or go see the latest romantic comedy at the movies. And if all that is too much, just find some time to share a coffee or glass of wine at home for a quick chat.

I have shared on social media my annual trips with girlfriends to New York. I recently joined a group of friends on a weekend trip to Santa Barbara. The fun got started when we all boarded a party bus to make the scenic trip up the coast for the 1½ hour ride. We stayed in a hotel by the beach and even though it was only 80 miles north of Los Angeles, we felt like we were a million miles away. While there, the nine of us would meet by the pool or at the spa to unwind, catch up, share the latest news about our families, look at pictures of each other’s kids, grandkids, and even sometimes, our pets!

I’ve read that there are health benefits of spending time with your girlfriends. And time with your pals can increase serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Being with our girlfriends is even more important as we grow older because it helps us feel nurtured and loved. I always feel rested and rejuvenated after a day out or a weekend with the girls. Let’s face it, your girlfriends are the next best thing to your family!

No matter if you’re married or have a significant other, taking time with close friends is a terrific way to get back in touch with yourself. Friends are loyal, they give good advice and let you get something off your chest without fear of reprimands. The deep bond that is shared amongst friends is a treasure to hold near and dear. I hope you agree and that you have ‘girlfriend-time’ coming up very soon!

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