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My Last Minute Vacation

My unplanned summer vacation was one of my favorites of all time! It began with a call from my friend Josh, who was about to set off for London and Paris. We were chatting, and suddenly, he said: 'why don't you join us?'

I've never been a spur-of-the-moment traveler, but it seemed like this might be a good time to start! I’m grateful I could pick up and go just a few days later, and off we went. The result: beautiful sights, great food, special times with family and friends, and a lot of fun! I thought I'd share photos of some of my favorite moments from the trip. Hope you enjoy them!

After a few days in London, we arrived in Paris just in time for the Bastille Day celebrations. The festivities near the Arc de Triomphe were spectacular!

I was so happy that Tori was in Paris and we could spend quality time together! Here we are at dinner with our good friends and my travel partners, Josh and Andrew.

I had so many memorable meals and a couple of my favorites were....

Caviar at Kaspia and....

Souffles at Le Recamier!

Josh, Andrew and I decided to learn how to make macarons, and it was not as easy as we thought it would be! We managed to pass the course :-) And had lots of fun tasting our macarons.

Best of all was getting together with friends that I had not seen in a long time. I am grateful for last-minute vacations that bless us with lots of unforgettable memories!

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