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My Once-In-A-Lifetime Private Chanel Fashion Show

In 1984, Aaron and I set out with Tori and Randy for a summer adventure to Europe. Aaron didn't fly, so most of our vacations were within driving distance of Los Angeles, and we enjoyed them all!

However, that summer, we began our unique journey by train departing from Union Station in Los Angeles. We found a new appreciation of our beautiful country as the train traveled through small towns and skirted big cities. We arrived in New York four days later to sail across the Atlantic on the QEII Cruise Ship. We docked in Cherbourg, France, took a hovercraft across the Channel, and finally arrived in London!

After seeing all the sights in beautiful London, we traveled by train to Paris, the world's fashion capital! I was looking forward to attending a fashion show at the legendary House of Chanel. It would be one of the first collections from Karl Lagerfeld, the new creative director. But, unfortunately, wouldn't you know it, the day before the event, I came down with a terrible cold. Fortunately, my disappointment didn't last long. When I felt better, Mr. Lagerfeld invited me to come for a private show of his 1984 fall/winter couture collection. I gladly accepted!

I was delighted to visit the iconic Chanel headquarters on the Rue Cambon for a once-in-a-lifetime private fashion a few days later. The stunning couture collection was modeled by the elegant Ines de la Fressange, who became Mr. Lagerfeld's top model during his stewardship of the fashion house. Of course, Aaron bought me some beautiful clothes!

I was recently going through a few of my many scrapbooks. I came across an elegant folder from that day that contained beautiful sketches of each custom couture piece Aaron fancied for me. I pulled some of my favorites to share with you. I hope you enjoy them!

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