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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Regarding the weather, we are very spoiled out here in Southern California. We've had the occasional rainy day here and there - like this one during awards season many years ago.

However, it has been a different story this month, with the rainfall breaking all kinds of records for this region.

I looked deep into my closet, pulled out my rainwear, and soon realized it could use a little updating. So I went online to find a couple of different styles and lengths and ensured the coats 1) had pockets and 2 ) would keep me dry. I wanted to share some of my favorite looks to be stylish in a downpour.


The classic trench coat has had many iconic moments on the screen: going way back in time, there's Marlene Dietrich in 'Witness for the Prosecution' and Audrey Hepburn in ‘Charade.'

To this day, you can't go wrong with a neutral-colored trench coat with pockets and a sash at the waist for a bright look. This navy double-breasted trench coat from COS is comfortable, stylish, and made from recycled materials. There are many options on the site - including the classic beige trench and more casual rainwear.

London Fog has been in business for years, making classic coats of all kinds for reasonable prices. In addition to their standard trench, they also have a maxi-length and an above-the-knee jacket with a hood.

A company called Rains (what a great name) makes stylish, lightweight, and waterproof rainwear in casual styles and many colors - even pink. Take a look - you’re sure to find something you like!


The bucket hat has been around forever, and this waterproof version from Amazon looks cute and practical.

When you have rain and wind, the 'Sou'wester from The Village Hat Shop in San Diego is perfect. The large brim will keep the rain out of your eyes and your ears warm. And their plaid waterproof hat is very smart!


I love this 'couples umbrella' I've had for years - everyone gets a kick out of it. This is an early idea for a Valentine's Day gift!

This fabulous umbrella is from Certain Standard, based in Seattle, where they know all about rain! Their large, colorful, beautifully made umbrellas are guaranteed for a lifetime. The website has a great blog, too.

Tote's clear bubble umbrellas are fun because they are a throwback. They also make a kid's version with colorful designs to brighten up those dreary days!


Finally, I always like an umbrella stand right by the door. Many choices can add a pop to your décor, like this blue and white porcelain stand from Walmart.

And I love this wicker look from the Basket Lady!

You might also search for a vintage umbrella. The ornate handles on umbrellas from years ago are beautiful and practical on a rainy day.

And last but not least - remember our four-legged friends! JJ is always ready for a walk, come rain or shine. She likes to stay dry, so we found this cute combo leash + umbrella at!

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