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Spelling Family Christmas — Holiday Memories

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As you can see from all these wonderful pictures, the holidays were a special time of the year for our family, filled with fun for us all. Each year we would make sure that Tori and Randy had a wonderful Christmas that included memories, gifts and surrounded by family and friends. There was so much love and joy in the Spelling house during this magical time of year.

Of course, the presents brought smiles to Tori and Randy, but surprising Aaron could be just as fun! We made sure that Santa brought the toys that were on the kids’ Christmas lists, plus Aaron and I loved to give each other special gifts too. There was such love and surprise between Aaron and myself. Look at that smile!

If you read my book, Stories from Candyland, you know how much I love Christmas. For years I’ve been collecting toy soldiers (130 at last count, including 4 seven-footers), wreaths, dogs in Santa suits, tree ornaments, festive dishes and glasses, Mrs. Claus dresses for dolls, cones, tree stands, lights, sheet music, fake snowflakes, elves, and sleighs. There were bears who sat on my front steps every Christmas, those who sat on the entry stairs, and bears who sat on coffee tables. I have pastry chef bears who adorn the kitchen during the holidays, and one who has a little cast on his front leg. I made up a story that he went skiing during the holidays, so I kept him in my office, where I could keep an eye on him. I counted on him to make sure the garland for the left side of the staircase didn’t end up on the ride side. He has a good eye. You name it and I have it. I always enjoyed dressing up the Manor for Christmas. Here is a photo of our home during Christmas.

In this blog, I’d like to share a bit more personal recollections and pictures.

Here’s a precious photo of Tori at Christmas time with Randy when he was just two months old. Doesn’t this bring a smile to your face?

And then, of course, the kids loved getting toys! One year we surprised Randy with a toy car. Look at the joy in Randy’s face! And Aaron too.

One memorable Christmas, Aaron and I thought the kids would love to see snow, so we arranged to make some in our back yard. Aaron and Tori had a blast making this snowman and the snow made for a glorious day for the family before it melted.

Christmas wasn’t just about the kids. Aaron and I loved the wonder and joy of the holidays. Doesn’t Aaron look so happy and relaxed in this photo? I cherish this memory of him under the tree surrounded by gifts.

Christmas to me is so special to me as I recall these memories of family and friends. And I look forward to many more with Tori, Randy, their families and my precious grandchildren. Spending time with family is the most rewarding part of the holidays. Presents and fake snow made things surprising, but it was the love and the family moments between the four of us that meant everything to me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays and much happiness and joy during this season to everyone.

Candy Spelling

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Sandy Garofalo
Sandy Garofalo
Sep 19, 2021

Beautiful Family memories.



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