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Spring Cleaning - Closets!

If you're anything like me, your closets are probably crammed full of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you never wear. Sound familiar? Well, it's time to do something about it! Spring is the perfect time to declutter your closet and get rid of everything you don't wear or need. Here are some tips to help you get started:


When I start my 'spring-cleaning,' I've always found it's helpful to organize my clothing by type and color. Once I've grouped my blouses, slacks, and dresses this way, it's easier to decide which items should stay and which ones should go! For example, how many white cotton blouses do I really need?! The same might go for jeans, black pants, and other classics pieces that we often forget we have that might be outdated, a little worn out, or no longer a great fit!

If you’re having a hard time with your edit, make a ‘maybe’ pile. It’s easy to figure out which items you love and which items you’re ready to let go of, but some may fall in the middle. If you have space, keep the 'maybe' pile in a storage container and revisit it after a couple of months for another edit.

THE ONE YEAR RULE* I have a friend that sticks by the 'one year rule' – she goes through her closet, and if she sees an item she hasn't worn in an entire year, she puts it in the donation bin. I don't think I can be that disciplined, especially since we haven't gotten out as much in the past two years, but you can easily set your own timeline and edit your wardrobe accordingly.

I read about an excellent hack to help remember what has been worn: hang clothes backward on hangers and once you wear them, hang the item face forward after it's been cleaned. Not a bad idea – and it will become apparent which items you never wear!

SEASONAL SHUFFLE We are lucky out in California because the weather is generally mild, and we can wear our wardrobes year-round. However, I still have a few heavy sweaters that I rotate to the back of the closet when spring rolls around. If I need more room, I get plastic storage bins and transfer them to another cabinet or empty shelves.

MAXIMIZE CLOSET SPACE I've learned that it is essential to maximize the space in your closet. This meant moving accessories that often clutter up my closet to drawers. I buy dividers for several drawers and even use these for handbags, belts, and flat shoes or sandals. It's also easier to see options that way!

FAVORITE TOOLS Here are some of favorite tools that I use to keep my closet organized.

Velvet Clothes Hangers (Non-Slip) They come in lots of colors!

Adjustable Drawer Organizers

Shelf Dividers

Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes

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