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I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal about a wardrobe staple for decades -- the basic black dress -- and how it has almost disappeared The writer points out that social media favors color, and fashion brands have adjusted. The article got me thinking about my own wardrobe.

When I looked in my closet, I realized the black dress was no longer one of my staples. So, I got out my albums and found a few of my favorite black dresses from the past. Most look dated, but a few classics might work today. There’s just one problem: I would need to lose a few pounds to squeeze into these vintage looks!

With Aaron at the 1993 Golden Globe Awards.

A night out with Aaron in 1990.

Here I am with Aaron at a charity dinner in 2002. I think this dress might still work today!

I really liked the Chanel look for awhile: here I am in 2006 and 2016.

I had fun wearing this dress with fabulous sleeves. Of course, I had to ham it up for the cameras back in 2011 at the Broadway opening of How To Succeed in Business.

I loved wearing a basic black dress, but I can see how that look evolved. I transitioned to black pantsuits for evening wear and added some color as I got older. I often wear black pants with a terrific coat with bright colors or sparkles. But let’s face it -- I’m much more comfortable in slacks with low heels when I’m out for the evening. Below are a few looks from 2010, 2013, and 2019.

I thought I had worn my last black dress until I found this cocktail dress that is contemporary and comfortable. I added my low heels and it was a perfect fit for Oscar parties this year.

What about you? Is the basic black dress still one of your wardrobe staples?

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