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3 Holiday Party Outfits

The season is upon us! Your December calendar has all the holiday parties penciled in already and the last thing you want is to show up in your tired pencil skirt again. A great holiday party outfit must be festive, comfortable and warm and it’s not always easy to pull off all 3. Here are a few of my own ideas for different occasions!

The Work Party

I find this one particularly tricky. You don’t want to overdo it because these are the people you see every day but you have to put extra effort into your outfit to dress to impress. Try this modest meets festive combination to outshine the rest.

The Family Gathering

Nice-comfort is the name of the game here. A sweater dress and leggings will keep you comfortable as you eat entirely too much, you know it will happen, and keep you looking sharp for family photos.

The Friend’s Party

This is the one you probably look forward to the most. The party where anything goes. This outfit should be fun, flirty but not over the top. Try a head to toe “silver bells”-inspired outfit with black nylons for a bold and festive look. Make sure to keep makeup simple; too much and it will send the whole look overboard!

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