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Packing Like A Travel Pro

We spend so much time dreaming of big vacations but the stress of packing can be daunting! Over the years, I’ve packed unnecessary items, forgotten things I need and packed so much that I surpassed the checked-bag weight limit at the airport. Knowing what I know now, here are some of my favorite rules to follow when packing for a vacation!

Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold Them

This is the proven method to maximize luggage capacity. Folding can take up so much space that you could use to bring things home.😉It may not be the sexiest way to pack but if you take your time, it even keeps some of the wrinkles out!

For Tops: Lay the shirt face down, and fold the sleeves into the center of the shirt. Start at the bottom of the shirt and tightly roll it like a sleeping bag all the way to the collar.

For Bottoms: Fold the jeans in half long-ways, making the back pockets kiss. Start at the bottom of the pants and tightly roll like a sleeping bag to the waist of the pants.

VOILA! Your clothes are ready for take off!

3 Words: Wrinkle Release Spray

When I get to where I’m staying, I like to hang my tops in the closet, but I don’t always have time to press my tops. If you notice that some of your clothes need a little extra TLC after the long journey, simply spray this godsend onto a hanging garment approximately 6 inches away to remove wrinkles from trouble areas before heading out. I’m partial to Crease Release from The Laundress because it works wonders and the smell reminds me of home!

P.S. It comes in a travel pack here.

(Photo: Cosmopolitan)

Maintain Your Delicates

Bras need to be properly stored or they will lose their shape and you can be out $50+. Keep shape when you pack by stuffing your bras…with underwear! It may sound silly but you won’t feel that way after you don’t ruin your bras in your luggage. I also like to keep mine in a separate bag in my luggage so they don’t snag on other items.

Minimize Toiletries

You most likely won’t need your entire medicine cabinet, and if you forget something, you can head to a local pharmacy and pick up your forgotten toothbrush or hairspray. Here’s a lovely toiletry checklist. Try to get travel size if you can, it makes things so much easier!

Wear your bulkiest outfit on the plane

You’ll save so much space by leaving your winter coat and bulky shoes out of your bag and on at the airport. Simply slip out your shoes and toss your coat in the overhead compartment when your flight takes off.

3:1 Ratio

Remember, most places you’ll be visiting will have laundry. You don’t need EVERY going-out top that you own. My rule of thumb is packing 2-3 tops for every bottom that you pack. Fashionistas are more forgiving to a bottom repeat, than a top repeat.😉

If you forget something, don’t worry! 9/10 times, you’ll be in a place that has all the comforts of home!



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