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A Day in the Life

It’s true…I’m a lucky dog. I bet you’re wondering what it’s like to live at The Manor in the Sky. Well, here’s what a day in the life is like:

Beauty sleep is crucial, and I usually doze until at least 9AM. Once I’m awake, I take a lovely morning walk to get my energy up. No need for coffee when you’ve got fresh air! I say hello to my friends in the dog park and wish them a fabulous day; then I ride the elevator back upstairs and, when I arrive home, my delicious breakfast is ready. After my morning meal, I lounge lazily in my bed. Then it’s off to the park or the beach with my friends from my play group. Sometimes we even go sheep herding; it is awesome! Every herding dog should try it! Other times, we hike in the beautiful canyons around LA. I must admit that, at times, I sneak off to dig holes or chase down critters. I try not to get too dirty though, because my favorite thing to do when I get home is cuddle with my mom in her bed, and muddy paws don’t mix with 300 thread count sheets.

After my playgroup, it’s time for a bit of pampering and beauty upkeep. A lady must always look her best – and who can resist a good brush down and a massage? After my beautification, I get sleepy and take another nap. I wake up hungry and ready for dinner followed by one of my favorite things: getting my teeth brushed. I was told I have wonderful teeth and gums! I find the toothpaste to be scrumptious!

Before I go to bed, I run around at the neighborhood park and enjoy the brisk evening air! Then it’s off to my favorite place: bed with mom. I love falling asleep to our favorite TV shows! I prefer cartoons and anything on Animal Planet. She likes House of Cards. (We compromise.) Off to sleep I drift, dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures!

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