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DIY Dog Treats

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Did someone say treat? I believe I just heard Madison run from the other side the house when I said that word.

If you own a dog, you probably would agree on these few facts about treats:

1. You should always keep them on hand;

2. You know your dog’s favorite brand;

3. Some are healthier than others, and they can get a bit expensive!

I did a bit of research to find treats that would keep Madison healthy and strong and was delighted to see there were lots of recipes for DIY dog treats! Here are some of my favorites below

It’s Bacon!

Nope, not Beggin’, these Bacon Cookies will leave your dog drooling and you smiling. Make sure you use uncured bacon & low-sodium broth to keep the ingredients healthy for pups! Get the full recipe here:

The Birthday Especial

Yes, we love celebrating Madison’s birthday around here. If you like doing something special for your dog’s birthday, you might enjoy these pretzel candles! They are easy to make and can actually light up. Be sure to remove the wick before you give it Fido to enjoy:

The Classic: Peanut Butter Bones

Newsflash – dogs love peanut butter! These bones will have your dog wondering what they did right to receive such a delicious reward. You will be jumping for joy over the simplicity of these 4-ingredient treats.

Level Up Sweetness

These treats are a bit further down on the sweet scale. With 11 ingredients, the Cinnamon Bun Bites will take a bit longer to make but your dog will jump for joy! They also are a great gift idea for a dog lover.

The Easy-Peasy Evergreen

Want to know a secret? You can make any dog treat with whole wheat flour and the baby food (without onions or onion powder) of your choice! You can get incredibly creative with this fun and budget friendly trick. Use different cookie cutters and shapes to steer away from your average bone or even try a custom one for your dog like these on

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