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AMERICAN HUMANE: Continuing the Mission

I'm proud to share some of the achievements of American Humane over the past year.

The reach of American Humane's team and its many supporters extends to those devastated by fires and storms, as well as to our esteemed military veterans battling post-war challenges.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued throughout 2021, American Humane rescued, fed, and sheltered more than 1 million vulnerable animals through its Feed the Hungry COVID-19 Fund.

When Hurricane Ida threatened the coast of Louisiana, we deployed teams before the storm made landfall to transport shelter cats to safe havens. In addition, we provided shelter for 150 dogs impacted by severe flooding in the storm's aftermath.

The American Humane team deployed to Northern California to help local animal services provide medical care and comfort to more than 500 animals displaced by the Caldor wildfires.

This past year American Humane trained and paired twenty-four service dogs with veterans battling post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. The organization was also able to bring home and reunite eight retired military working dogs with their former handlers, who welcomed them with open arms.

Finally, American Humane opened its first-ever animal sanctuary in South Florida, which will serve as a rescue retreat for animals, veterans, and animal advocates. Plans for this space include a rescue center, a veterans' training center, a healing garden, and more, to serve those with the greatest needs.

I'm grateful for the hard work and dedication of those who work with or support American Humane in protecting the beloved animals that mean so much to us. Thank you so much.

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