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Finding The Perfect Rug

Area rugs can really pull a room together and set the tone for your design – whether as an accent or the focal point of your room. It’s worthy mentioning all the practical reasons we love rugs – they protect your flooring, cushion you and your loved ones, and are simply comfortable to entertain on!

I think that rug selection is a monumental decision to designing a room, second only to choosing your aesthetic for your space. It can set the tone for the rest of your room: paint, furniture, pillows, and art can be coordinated with the design of your rug. No pressure.😉

Here are some suggested rules to follow before making your next rug purchase!

Rule 1– Buy the best rug you can afford. You might have to endure bare floors for awhile in order to save up, but it will be great in the long run, since you won’t be looking to replace it! Look for rugs made of high quality material, like wool, that will wear well and look better over time. Be sure to find a rug made out of a material that is easy to clean. Avoid jute for that very reason.

Rule 2– An area rug should be a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall or choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. Create space in your floor plan so your rug isn’t shoved in a corner or up against a wall. Make sure that your rug has at least 6-10″ on each side of the sofa. You’ll run into problems if the width of the rug is the same as the width of the sofa.

Rule 3– Decide if the legs of your furniture are going to live on the rug or off. It is a preference, but be consistent with it. If your chair legs aren’t on the rug but your sofa legs are, you room will appear choppy. With every design choice, you want your decisions to seem intentional, and this one may seem minor, but makes a huge impact.

Here are some AMAZING round-ups of rugs from stylist Emily Henderson.



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