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New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration

And just like that, Christmas is over! The next major event on the horizon and the best excuse to get dolled up is New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re heading out for a big party or counting down from the comfort of your living room, here are a 3 outfit ideas to put an end to the dreaded question of what to wear as we ring in the New Year!

  1. JCrew Crystal Burst Earrings: $115

  2. Kate Spade Heritage Dress $478

  3. Clare V Gold Foldover with Black Ribbon $209

  4. Vince Camuto ‘Mairana’ Ankle Strap Sandal: $109.95

  1. Schutz Myrna Sandal $176

  2. Dress the Population Sequins Dress $228

  3. Lizzie Fortunato Safari Clutch $318

  1. 2017 Happy New Year Headband $22

  2. Confetti Popper $5

  3. Kate Spade Winky Face Sweater $228

  4. Card Against Humanity $25

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