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How I Throw A Party

I recently had the pleasure of planning a party to celebrate the birthday of one my dearest friends, Willy! I thought it would be fun to share some photos that might help you with a few ideas for your own parties. Click through the slideshow at the top of the page for all the fun!

Willy and I have been friends for 40 years. I first met her and her husband, Lew, when they moved to Los Angeles for Lew’s work at ABC. One thing you should know about Willy is that she loves shopping and her mecca is Bloomingdale’s. Plus, her tastes are exquisite and fun at the same time! If Willy could have one wish granted in her lifetime, she would want to be locked in Bloomingdale’s overnight! She eats lunch there almost everyday so when she happens upon a blouse that she loves, she’s technically ‘ not shopping.’ Often when I call her, I’ll ask where she is and am not surprised when she says ‘Bloomingdale’s.’ As a result, it was easy to think of a theme she would love… BLOOMINGDALE’S!

I take pride in the smallest of details when I throw a party. One of my favorites for the birthday luncheon were the personalized laminated place cards designed to look like realBloomingdales’ credit cards.

I loved the simple accents of white and silver in the place settings against the girly pinks and purples in the floral arrangements. Remember ladies, you can always mix and match with roses or other favorite flowers!

The gift bags that held Bloomie’s gift cards were beyond adorable. They were modeled after the famous brown bags. Instead of “Big Brown Bag”, they said “Big Birthday Bag”.

Let’s talk food! From poached salmon fillets and chicken breasts to tasty couscous and a rich salad bar… it’s safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves! I find that salad with a little protein is always a hit at luncheons. Especially when it’s topped off with the most delicious mocha chip cake in the shape of a (you guessed it!) Bloomingdale’s shopping bag.

Believe it or not, 3 other guests were having birthdays too! To make sure no one was left out, I had the waiters bring out small pink and white cakes for each – decorated with their names – and we sang Happy Birthday again!

Willy has an amazing group of friends that are genuine, witty, gorgeous and full of life. Each brought such a lovely presence to the party. I had a pianist play my concert piano in the background that set the stage perfectly. It was an afternoon full of stories from friends throughout Willy’s life and everyone shared in her joy.

I feel blessed to have been able to host a party where everyone said they enjoyed themselves and celebrated a truly beautiful person. Happy Birthday Willy!

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