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JJ, The Dog Fashionista

JJ loves making a fashion statement, and in her two years here on earth, she has ‘stepped out’ in many colorful and cute outfits. I think she enjoys showing off, but occasionally, she gives us ‘that look’ and is ready to be done with photos and get back to playtime.

I thought it would be fun to share some of her (and my) favorites over the past couple of years.

JJ was dressed for cold weather in New York this past December. Of course, she dressed in black!

On Thanksgiving Day, JJ dressed up in a festive turkey costume and as the ‘Queen of Hearts’ a few weeks before on Halloween.

JJ made her runway debut at Anthony Rubio’s show during LA’s Fashion Week.

She made lots of friends and loved all the activities going on backstage!

Then there’s her workout outfit, along with a casual look for a walk on a sunny day.

She’s ready for a rainy day ….

and even a ‘Chewnel’ fashion show!

But I must admit, JJ is pretty darn cute as a bumble bee!

I hope you know that we don’t take this too seriously, but I thought it would be fun to share these photos with you for a few chuckles and smiles. Enjoy!

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