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My Christmas Wishlist

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Hello… it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to buy me a Christmas treat! Hehe. Mom & I have been listening to a lot of Adele this week. Well, it’s December 1 and you know what that means… CHRISTMAS! I’ve decided to put together a few things in case Mom wants to get me something nice this year (she always does) or if you want to get some of my fur friends something nice, too!

First thing on my list is an iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher. I don’t know how this thing does it but it’s endless hours of fun. I got to play with one at the doggie store at it was so cool. Watch this video to see it in action!

Secondly, a new kong. I love Kong’s. Those things are GREAT but man, do they get messy. It’s like when you get a new pair of socks each year… I need a new kong each year. Look at this friend having so much fun with it!

Third on mah list, is an agility kit. I am dog who likes to challenge my mind while keeping active so this is perfect for me! Mom, I can’t wait to jump through this hoop. Think of how much fun we’ll have together!

That’s all folks. I’m keeping this list brief because I am a very fortunate dog who gets things all year. If you really feel like getting me (or your dog friend) something else, treats are always appreciated.

Until next time,

Pawty on!


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