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My Favorite Treats

Did someone say TREATS?! It’s really one of my favorite words, other than breakfast or dinner, of course! Mom is saying I’m supposed to tell you about treats. Ok…. treats are good. Dogs love treats. I love treats and have found myself to be quite the expert on them, so without further ado(g), here’s what some of my favorite are so you don’t have to eat mine! Hehe.

First things first, a dog has to take care of their teeth or we can’t eat all the treats! Greenie’s are treat-like toothbrushes (I know, stay with me fellow dogs), that taste pretty good and maintain my pearly whites. I like these… sometimes, but I know what’s good for me so I always finish.

Greenies Friend

Next, I like to keep things natural. I’m a wild city dog who cannot be tamed, afterall! Except by these treats. Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch are THE best! I like to mix it up between chicken, beef, salmon, and when I’m feeling extra decadent (like most days), I prefer the duck recipe. As soon as I see this bag, I’m all about sit & stay.

Stella & Chewy's Duck Recipe

Lastly, amongst others, I LOVE Dogsbutter. Put this stuff on a toy and I’m in my own little slice of heaven. The best thing about this is when I get a jar of the good stuff, a dog in need gets something too! How cool is that? I just love helping friends in need and living life one dog for another.

Until next time, dog friends (and humans, too) be good and get all the treats!



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