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Reboot Your Routine!

My son is a life coach and he’s always sharing great advice.

Although in Los Angeles summer can linger through September because the weather stays warm, the fact that Labor Day is upon us this weekend makes us all naturally feel like the season is changing. The kids are back to school, vacations are taken, and shorter days naturally affect our thoughts, moods and actions. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that fall is a great time to reboot your mindset, your goals, and even your routine.

If you do it now, I promise you, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to not only carry those healthy habits into 2018, but to stick to them all next year long.

Here are my top 7 steps to make it happen.

1. Write it Down. What were the goals that you came up a little short with this year? What can you do differently? What were realistic and what were unrealistic? Take a moment and write it all down.

2. Revise Your Resolutions. Now that you’ve written it down, what happened? Go back and pick one to three resolutions that you think you can actually get to.

3. Organize. And I don’t mean your closet. Take a moment with steps one and two and edit what you’ve written down and what resolutions you are contemplating.

4. Restore Your Me Time. Guess what? You’ve already started. By taking this time now to reboot, you’re already on the road to take some time for yourself. But even more so, go get a massage, see the doctor, or better yet, go to the movies and see that summer blockbuster you missed. Self-care is the key to happiness.

5. Exercise. This isn’t exactly a step. But no routine can be rebooted until you double check that you have a workout routine in place. Even if it’s walking the dog, which is my favorite!

6. Refresh Your Thoughts! Even though I don’t exactly meditate, I definitely take a few minutes every morning to clear my head. Whatever style works for you, try and cut down on self- criticism, forgive any mistakes or missteps you’ve made and stay positive.

7. Ask for Help. Don’t ever hesitate to ask a family member, a friend, or even a self-help practitioner to help with all of the above. No one can go it completely alone.

I know it seems early, but this idea of getting a running start of all the challenges, hopes, dreams, and goals we throw at ourselves in January is one of my most important tips. Don’t wait until New Years. Resolve to reboot your routine now!

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