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Tips for Dressing Your Pet

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Introducing your pet to the wonderful world of fashion is pawsitively adorable! If your furry friend is willing to cooperate. Here are few things to consider even if its just to be practical and keep your pup warm in the cold weather!

  • Size and Fit: It can be a bit tricky since you there are only a few size options but try to find what’s right for your pet. If the outfit is too small, it can constrict their breathing. If the outfit is too big, it could get snagged on something and it could injure your pup. Here’s a helpful guide on how to measure your animal for clothes.

  • Closures: Make sure all the closures on pet clothes either stretch or break away under stress, as it will prevent your pet from injury in the case that the clothing gets snagged on something. It’s also good practice to have no buttons or closures on the outfit, especially if your animal is a chewer!

  • Make Getting Dressed Fun: Reward your pet with a treat to create a positive association when he or she needs to get bundled up to brave the cold outside. If your animal sniffs the outfit or stays calm when getting dressed emphasize the moment with a reward. As with any other positive behavior, make sure that you are rewarding your pet for his or her cooperation!

Remember, your pets are like small children. Don’t ever leave them unsupervised in an outfit, even if they are in the simplest garment as your pet’s safety is the most important thing!

Have fun!

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