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Packing Tips. Travel like a Pro!

As May turns to June this week and we’ve passed Memorial Day, you probably have a vacation planned. Or perhaps you have a last-minute work trip you need to take. If you’re like me, you probably wait until the night before or even the morning of to pack!

Well, here’s four ideas that will allow you to get it all together much, much faster.

1. Packing List – I cannot stress enough how much easier this will make it. How many times, like me, have you gotten into the cab, the plane, or even arrived, and said to yourself, “what have I forgotten?” Well. Create one list once, and that alleviates this anxiety completely! Make the list for the biggest and best trip you can imagine, and then you can simply not pack something for that quick trip.

2. Cutback on Clothes — Yes. This is a difficult one. But if you apply some logic, one fancy, one casual, one comfy, to your outfits, then you can always hit up a local laundromat or the hotel’s concierge if you are traveling longer or have a spill. Once you have these essentials, you can consider some embellishments, accessories and the like. Trust me, jewelry and accessories pack beautifully, so that’s a way to vary your ensemble and look fabulous traveling!

3. Pack Light — Cutting back on clothes comes before packing light simply because I love clothes! But, you can’t pack light without cutting back on the bigger items. Now you need to consider shoes, belts, toiletries… What hotel are you staying in? Will it have nice enough accoutrements that you don’t need that special conditioner you use?

4. Buy a Nice Inflight Satchel — How many times have you been at check-in at the airport and seen someone scrounging around to figure out what they need on the plane. If you prepare a nice little tote, backpack, or even a toiletry-type bag with some skin lotion, eye drops, earbuds, or whatever must-haves you like, this will make it easy and keep it classy.

For more travel tips, please see this HuffPost article.

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