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Vintage Summer Trends

Now that I’m a grandmother, with all the life and wisdom that comes with that privilege, it’s easier for me to admit how many times fashion trends that I used to embrace have come BACK in style. That’s why I absolutely love this article from Harper’s Bazaar about vintage summer trends that are stylish today.

Prints are in and I couldn’t be happier! After wearing lots of solid colors in the winter (and a lot of black), it’s fun to brighten up a wardrobe with any kind of print – floral, geometric or whimsical. This trend actually started in the 30s during the Great Depression because it was an extremely inexpensive way of bringing brightness to clothes. That’s still true today in a sense. Prints can be found on all types of clothing and for all budgets.

Bell sleeves are back and perfect for all the summer festivals. I’ve never been to Coachella, but I’ve certainly worn my share of bell sleeves. It’s an oddly elegant yet casual dress style. I’m sure all you festivalgoers know this look, even if you don’t know the term!

Graphic t-shirts are making a comeback too. This is an 80s trend that my daughter, and all her friends, really embraced. I have a few in my own closet as well.

If you take a look at my Instagram or Facebook, you’ll probably see a few photos of me from back in the day in ‘vintage’ fashions. Now that I think about it, I’ll check my closet to see what I still have from ‘way back when’ that I can wear and be a trendsetter today. It’ll be fun!

Here’s a great slide show from Harper’s Bazaar with many examples of great vintage summer trends that are back in style!

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