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Welcoming Summer!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

With the first day of summer a week away, I always like to brighten things up around the house as a way of welcoming the season’s change. Depending on your specific weather situation, this is a fun thing to do for all seasons. Summer is an especially fun one because it you get to be bold with color. Here’s a few things I do every year at my house to welcome in the summer season.

  1. Summer is the time to bring out the color! Vibrant blues, yellows, greens, and even the right shade of red can really change the feel of a room. If you want to really change things up, switching out heavier curtains for light or pastel version of them will really change it up.

  2. Maximize the light. Any room that doesn’t need curtains or blinds drawn, go ahead and leave them open. Not only will that let light in, you will feel more vibrant and open when entering these rooms. If you use a floor mirror or hanging mirrors, it’s always nice to place them adjacent windows or very light areas. Again, this makes everything feel sunnier and happier.

  3. Bring in new indoor plants. Once there’s more light in your house, you probably have enough light to support some more indoor plants. Just like the light, plants bring the outdoors in, and tend to brighten the environment.

  4. Pull away the winter blankets. Now that it’s heating up, it’s a good time to put away the throws and wintery blankets you had out for their coziness. Even if you keep a light one out, this will make your living room, family room, and bedroom feel more light and airy, like summer!

These are the four I always do, sometimes I brighten up my outdoors too, with brighter cushions or new plants. For more detail on these great ideas, please check out this great homify article

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