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Where to travel in 2017?

As we move from spring to summer, many of us start to plan our travel for the year. School breaks are coming up, and who doesn’t need a vacation!

Ecuador, Cerro Santa Ana, courtesy of Travel + Leisure

One of my favorite magazines, Travel + Leisure puts together an annual list of recommended places, and it’s so fun even dreaming about these exotic locals. It’s so interesting how places we never even thought about a decade ago have become number-one places to visit. I hadn’t heard of Tulum, Mexico until this decade. And although I knew of Reykjavik, Iceland, it’s now become such a de rigueur travel destination.

Jerusalem, courtesy of Travel + Leisure

Places like Madagascar, the Okavango Delta, Botswana or the Pisco Province, Peru seem like such amazing and exotic recommendations. This list is terrific because you have your choice of big city environments or remote locations. International destinations are always exciting, but make sure to look at the cities in the US, too. It would be fun to spend time in Nashville or Jackson Hole, Wyoming! As far as the list goes, I would recommend Jerusalem — it is a fascinating city and – and who doesn’t enjoy some quiet time relaxing in beautiful Honolulu? I also enjoyed the beautiful museums in Malaga, Spain.

Jackson Hole Area, Wyoming, courtesy of Travel + Leisure

I’m really looking for somewhere new and interesting like Lake Lucerne in Switzerland or the Cambodian Coast. Where do you want to go on this list? Let me know by posting or messaging me on Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s Travel + Leisure’s great 2017 List.

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